To achieve Terral’s main goals, the promote and training of the volunteers becomes essential. Volunteers work on mentoring program 1@1, take classes, coordinate training, computer and various programs or perform tasks like attending the reception or the library.

The volunteers are university graduate students, retired teachers, professionals, housewives… from all social and age group from 18 years to over 80. The range of students corresponds to the variety of volunteers. The coexistence of people from different countries, cultures and religions live naturally.

Some of the volunteers also are immigrants or foreign students living in Barcelona. Each contributes to the extent possible and in the most appropriate to their abilities and interests. They are a positive reference for women of the neighborhood.

We establish a dedication Agreement between Terral and each volunteer, according to the legislation.

If you want to collaborate with us please write giving us your name and phone number to the address terral@terral.cat. This data will only be used to contact you.

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