Visit of the honorable Mrs. Joana Ortega

The honorable Mrs. Joana Ortega, Vice-president of the Generalitat de Catalunya, visited the Terral center on the afternoon of the 25th of March.


She was greeted by Mr. Ernest Flaquer, President of the Raval Solidari Foundation (Raval Solidarity Foundation); Mrs. Cristina Colomer, President of Raval en Acció (Raval in action); and Mrs. Victoria Guindulain, Director of Terral, who accompanied Mrs. Ortega throughout the visit, while presenting the project’s aims and introducing her to the participants and volunteers.

She first visited the area of ESO (Secondary Studies) and Batxillerat (Bachelor in Secondary Education), where she spoke to the girls individually and asked about their strengths and areas of difficulty. She also silently observed while they studied, and took a look at their academic diaries. She then spoke to the volunteers about the work they do at Terral.

She spent some time with the people in the costume design program, who showed her their work.

The winners of the 1st basketball tournament received their prizes, an original chocolate and candy medal, and a lollipop for everyone who participated.

She also tasted one of the dishes that was being prepared in the kitchen, while the 8th session of the monographic “Spring Buffet” was taking place.

Before she left, she wrote in the visitor’s book: “I would like to congratulate all the people that work, volunteer and contribute towards helping women, giving them opportunities and developing the values of respect, solidarity, citizenship, and hard work. Thank you all for your altruistic endeavour. Together, we can create a more just and humane society.” She then watched a short video, that summarised the activities that took place during the year 2012-13.

We had a lovely time with Mrs. Ortega, and her personalised words of encouragement have inspired us to continue working with hope and strength, just like she recommends in her acknowledgements.