Parents Meetings – 2nd Trimester


The second parents meeting of this course 2017-2018 took place last 25th of January and it was conducted by Mr. Miguel Asensio, family counsellor with a wide educational experience.

The session was titled “Educate for peace” and covered different topics as authority and the transmission of peaceful values in the family. He pointed out that the peace starts in oneself, controlling our character. The competence should be with yourself and not with the others.

Mr. Asensio explained to Terral parents the importance of having authority over the children but not falling into the authoritarianism; the daily dealings is our way to a rational, strong and prudent authority.

He also talked about the responsibility they have as parents wishing the best for their children.

As usual, we finished this event with an aperitif where we could share opinions and different ideas.

Thanks to all parents for your attendance and Mr. Miguel Asencio for his time.