Youth programs

Study Support, Workshops, Languages, Sports, Technology Training, Guitar, etc.

Ages 8-11: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 17:00 – 19:00
Ages 12 and up: Monday – Friday from 17:00 to 20:00


Schedule: Tuesdays at 17:00
Start date: October 2017


Schedule: Friday evening
Start date: October 2017

Summer Program

For boys and girls ages 5 and 6, and girls ages 7 to 14. It is necessary to bring food.


Throughout a tutorial system it provides each student an academic monitoring and support needed to overcome the ESO and Bachillerato. We work in collaboration with girl’s parents and with schools too. We also encourage the development of habits that help each young girl to reach personal maturity and the values of coexistence.

Extracurricular activities

We are geared to educate the girls how to utilize their free time, for that we promote coexistence and friendship among girls from different cultures and backgrounds, and develop skills and artistic abilities, musical, drama, crafts, computers, sports, cooking, etc.


We provide basketball equipment and organize competitions that facilitate social cohesion and integration.


There are various activities held for schoolchildren during summer like cultural and civic events, sports in the month of July.

Programs for women

Computer, basic and interdiate level

Morning: Tuesday and Thursday from 11h. to 13h.
Afternoon: Wednesday and Thursday from 17h. to 18:30h.

Spanish and Catalan

Morning: Tuesday and Thursday from 11h. to 13h.
Afternoon: Tuesday and Thursday from 17h. to 19h.

Fashion workshop

Schedule: Tuesday and Thursday from 11h. to 13h.

Starts: October 2017

Job training programs

We provide basic knowledge to access official recognition courses that promote the employment of women.


We organize courses of Catalan and Spanish, in-order to provide basic tools for communication and integration.


We organize computer courses and teach how to use new technologies.


There are also courses to help the women to learn conditioning techniques for housing, cooking, nutrition and family income.