II Edition of the Contest “Written words”

Last Tuesday, the awards ceremony of the 2nd edition of the contest “Written Words” took place in Terral.

Year after year, this initiative encourages the deeper knowledge of the literary world. This year there were many participants, especially among the young students of primary school. The participants expressed their qualities as writers in the works of poesy and prose with lots of illusion and effort.

Since the awards can go only to one person per category, the judges had difficulties to choose the best tales; all of them were worthy. The judges: Eduardo Mendoza, writer; Fernando Sánchez Marcos, historian; María Marqués, art historian; and Gisela Gavaldà, economist, agreed that they enjoyed reading the works.

The winners of the awards were:

–          Chindren: Francine Pelayo for “Falling in love in spring”.

–          Youth: Livelyn Ganotan for “Winter”.

–          Adults: Lipi Begum for “A summer’s tale”.

–          Volunteers: MontserratCastellví for “Autumn”.

The attendants to the ceremony, the participants, their families and volunteers, besides their satisfaction, recognised the importance of these literary competitions that allow the expression of feelings and experiences.