Spring buffet

In compliance with the course program, achieving a better professional performance, Terral organised a cooking monografic called “Spring Buffet”, that took place every Wednesday during the month of February, and will continue to do so throughout March. Each day an expert collaborates with the students in the creation of a different menu, for example: shrimp toast and exotic chicken; cabbage salad, bacon and broccoli quiche, and baked apples; mushroom soup, chicken dindi with sherry, and pineapple tart, etc.

This activity helps transmit to all the ladies of the area the new challenges we face: respect and order, applied to different aspects. We learn to put things back where they belong, to take care of the materials we use, to do what we must to get things done, to collaborate with others with kindness and gentleness.

The closing session will be on the 2nd of April, when the prestigious chain of restaurants Grupo Tragaluz, will present a surprise menu, from which we expect to, and surely will, learn a lot.