Meeting with parents

Thursday September 29, Terral had its first parent meeting of the 2016-2017 year. It was a time to explain the importance of our meetings and during the conference we were able to finally transmit to the parents all the work we will be doing at Terral in harmony with the parents the for the girls. […]

Interview with Victoria Guinduláin in Ràdio Estel

This past Friday on September 17, Victoria Guinduláin, Director of Corporate Development at Terral, was interviewed in the program “Estem amb tu” by Ràdio Estel. Victoria talked about all of the activities that we carry out in Terral all for the girls, mothers, and families, about the implication of the organization in the Raval community, […]

Meeting with volunteers

Thursday, September 15, there was a meeting at Terral for volunteers about the start of the academic year. It in, the new course year that has started was introduced and the objectives that will be worked on with the participants and with the volunteers were transmitted. This year we are continuing to work on family […]



Throughout a tutorial system it provides each student an academic monitoring and support needed to overcome the ESO and Bachillerato. We work in collaboration with girl’s parents and with schools too. We also encourage the development of habits that help each young girl to reach personal maturity and the values of coexistence.